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1st Person Shopper is the fourth catalog available. It costs 150 Tomorrow Bucks and you need to have done at least 15 combos, as well as have bought all the items in Snooty Foody to purchase it. It features a variety of gaming-relsted items, as suggested by the name being a pun of '1st Person Shooter', a genre of game.

List of ItemsEdit

Name Description Price Delivery Time Notes Image
Tetronimoes They've been falling for as long as anyone can remember. 15 20s (5)
Imitation Meatboy Tastes like cardboard. 15 20s
Giant Spider A Giant Spider appears! You attempt to flee! Giant Spider attacks for massive damage!! 15 20s
Cell Phone Automatically shrtns all w3rds in2 three char or less. LOL 15 20s
The Boss Plushie No one suspected the slick businessman was the villain the whole time. 15 20s
Toy Zombie You can't make a game without one these days. 22 40s
Handheld Fireplace It's like a game, within a game, within a game... 22 40s
Pixel Pack More pixels means more fun! 22 40s (3)
Phoenix Egg Makes great omelets! 22 40s
Gentleman Adventurer Doll On an adventure to find the best looking suit in the world! A little puzzling, no? 22 40s
Cardboard Sword Take this, it's dangerous outside! 30 1m 0s
Goo Ball Pack The Goo Balls seemed to remember another world. A world of goo! But it was a very long time ago... 30 1m 0s (3)
Casual Game If only winning was this easy in real life. You're doing great! 30 1m 0s
Gaming Tablet Filled with "free" games that will cost you thousands. 30 1m 0s
Miss Hexopus Usually found in the water level. 30 1m 0s
Clampy Bot Perpetually moving toward the Cities That Build Him. 45 1m 30s (2)
Beta Version In development since 1986. Relive the magic! 45 1m 30s
Toy Ninja He'll kill you five times before you hit the ground. 75 2m 0s
Tiny Galaxies The fate of their world is in your hands. 75 2m 0s (3)
Gravity Boy Action Toy His attraction is undeniable. 120 3m 0s