Chimney Stuffer

When you start the game, after you have burned the Terms and Conditions, you will recieve a letter from Miss Nancy. She will tell you about obtaining new items and give you your first catalog, the 'Chimney Stuffer'. There are seven catalogs in total, each one with twenty items to order, making a total of 140 items to order and burn.

Getting new catalogsEdit

After you have burned all the items in a catalog, found a certain amount of combos and payed a specified amount, you will recieve your next catalog.

Using catalogEdit

You can access your catalogs by clicking the small catalog picture to the left of your mailbox . This will bring up a big menu, showing what you can buy. Clicking an item will bring up it's name, description and price on the left. Burning items unlocks more items to purchase, which get more expensive as you go through the catalog.

Catalog InformationEdit

Table of catalogs, price, required combos and what they specialise in.
Name Price Combos Speciality Cover
Chimney Stuffer N/A N/A Misc. No particular category Chimney
Totally Recalled TOYS 75 3 Toys Eager Bunny Plushy
Snooty Foody 100 8 Foodstuffs Mystery Seasoning
1st Person Shopper 150 15 Gaming Handheld Fireplace
Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living 250 23 Household Objects Modern Lamp
Shop & Awe 340 33 Manly things Manly Trophy
Existence, NOW 425 45 The Future Transhumanist Action Figure