Chimney Stuffer
CS Cover
Number 1
Requirements Burn the Terms and Conditions
Previous None
Next Totally Recalled TOYS
Chimney Stuffer is the first catalog you receive from Miss Nancy at the start of the game, after you have burned the Terms and Conditions. It features a variety of miscellaneous items, which don't fit to a particular category. 

List of ItemsEdit

Name Price Image
Little Inferno Collector Poster 5
Little inferno collector poster
Corn on the Cob 5
Corn on the cob
Letter Blocks 5
Letter blocks
Alarm Clock 5
Alarm clock
Someone Else's Credit Card 5
Someone else-s credit card
Broken Magnet 7
Broken magnet
Sleeping Idol 7
Sleeping idol
Battery Pack 7
Battery pack
Ordinary Brick 7
Ordinary brick
Antiki Torch 7
Antiki torch
Wooden Bicycle 10
Wooden bicycle
Toy Pirate 10
Toy pirate
Someone Else's Family Portrait 10
Someone else-s family portrait
Instant Seed Packet 10
Instant seed packet
Jar of Fireflies 10
Jar of fireflies
My Pictures 15
My pictures
Spider Egg 15
Spider egg
Celebration Bus 25
Celebration bus
Blankity Bank 25
Blankity bank
Television 40