Combos unlock by burning two or more items consecutively. A message will appear in the upper-right of the screen and you will be rewarded with Tomorrow Stamps. Buying new catalogs requires you to work out and carry out a certain amount of combos (eg Totally Recalled TOYS requires 3 and Existence, NOW requires 45). Combos can be accessed via the small grey tab in the top right.

List of CombosEdit

Name Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Price
Bike Pirate Wooden Bicycle Toy Pirate - 20
Someone Else's Someone Else's Credit Card Someone Else's Family Portrait - 15
Springtime Instant Seed Packet Alarm Clock - 15
Generations Spider Egg Someone Else's Family Portrait - 25
Lenders Someone Else's Credit Card Blankity Bank - 30
Movie Night Corn on the Cob Television - 45
Seafarers Toy Pirate Oil Barge - 20
Building Bricks Building Blocks Ordinary Brick - 17
Fire Breather Antiki Torch Pyranosaurus Plushie - 22
Dino-Mite Pyranosaurus Plushie Disgruntled Elf Plushie - 30
Watching You Television Wandering Eye - 55
Magnetic Heart Broken Magnet Cold Metal Heart - 22
Double Fan Space Heater Cold Metal Heart - 22
Terrible Teeth Eager Bunny Plushie Toy Leperchaun - 30
Time Bomb Alarm Clock Mini Nuke - 40
LOL Kitty Wandering Eye Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie - 50
Catfish Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie Blowfish - 45
Bear in a Chinashop Feelings Bear Plushie Fragile China - 25
Dinnerware Wooden Spoon Fragile China - 25
Cornflakes Corn on the Cob Tooth 'n' Corn Breakfast Flakes - 20
Deadly Fish Blowfish Discount Sushi - 25
Wake Up! Alarm Clock Coffee - 25
Iced Coffee Dry Ice Cubes Coffee - 30
Easter Bunny Egg Pack Eager Bunny Plushie - 27
Liquid Diet Future Fizz Coffee Midlife Crisis Mitigator 55
Egg Sac Spider Egg Locust Eggs - 45
Freaked Out Food Marshmallows Coffee Toaster 80
Wooden Block Letter Blocks Building Blocks Tetronimos 30
Arachnid Spider Egg Giant Spider - 30
Zombie Garden Instant Seed Packet Toy Zombie - 32
Eggcellent Egg Pack Phoenix Egg - 42
Puzzling Adventure Tetronimos Gentleman Adventurer Doll - 37
World of Goo Goo Ball Pack Casual Game - 60
Airplane Mode Cell Phone Handheld Fireplace Gaming Tablet 67
Underwater Blowfish Miss Hexopus - 40
Meta Handheld Fireplace Beta Version - 67
Pixel Pixelated Pixel Pack Beta Version - 67
Japanese Discount Sushi Toy Ninja - 90
Brains Ahoy HIYA! Toy Zombie Toy Pirate Toy Ninja 107
Rosy Valkyrie Doll Gravity Boy Action Toy - 135
Howl at the Moon Howling Coyote Mini Moon - 83
Cat Lady Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie Old Lady Doll - 58
Elderly Couple Gentleman Adventurer Doll Old Lady Doll - 45
Terrible Mystery The Terrible Secret Mystery Seasoning - 43
Change the Bulb Fragile Bulbs Modern Lamp - 30
Cold War Uncle Sam's Blam Blams Russian Nesting Doll - 46
Framed Little Inferno Collector Poster Someone Else's Family Portrait Oil Painting 50
Writer's Blocks Letter Blocks Word Pack - 40
Stop Drop & Roll Smoke Detector Fire Extinguisher - 115
Colorful Flame Zesty Beetles Beta Version Powder Barrel 105
Pollinating Instant Seed Packet Cocoon - 55
Cat Bath Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie Dish Detergent - 80
Clean Plate Dish Detergent Fragile China - 60
Orchestral Valkyrie Doll Cello - 85
Moonlight Melody Mini Moon Cello - 130
Medicated Midlife Midlife Crisis Mitigator Medicated Mommy Pills - 130
Pill Popper Best Friend Supplement Pills Medicated Mommy Pills - 120
Bearskin Rug Feelings Bear Plushie Old Bear Trap - 45
Fireworks Uncle Sam's Blam Blams Dynamite Daisy - 58
Spinning Blades Super Juicer 4000 Drill Chain Thrower - 100
TIMBER! Drill Chain Thrower Lumberjack Hand Manly Odor Spray 150
Poker Hand Glass Cards Lumberjack Hand - 85
Duck Season Gaming Tablet Game Bush - 80
Huntin' Old Bear Trap Game Bush - 85
Nuclear Shave Mini Nuke Manly Razer - 105
Manly Manly Razer Manly Trophy Manly Odor Spray 170
Brick 'n Mortar Ordinary Brick Unstable Ordinance - 77
Texting Gurl Cell Phone Low Self-Esteem Action Doll - 85
Sorority Party Low Self-Esteem Action Doll Balloons - 105
Chain Puffer Drill Chain Thrower Puff Pack - 120
Deadly Vices Midlife Crisis Mitigator Glass Cards Puff Pack 125
Legal Charges Legal Briefcase Someone Else's Credit Card - 75
Injection Snake Surprise Protein Powder - 120
Bodybuilder Manly Trophy Protein Powder - 160
Deafening Valkyrie Doll Sonic Boombox - 190
Road Rage Wooden Bicycle Celebration Bus Mustache Rider 210
Diseased Toy Leperchaun Mystery Seasoning Book of Darkness 318
Chain Email Drill Chain Thrower Email - 105
Wooden Applause Lumberjack Hand Laser Pointer - 105
World Adventurer Flaming Globe Gentleman Adventurer Doll - 77
Learning is Fun! Celebration Bus Toy Rocketship - 80
Glasses & Staches Fashionable Sunglasses Mighty Mustache - 115
Before the Internet Television Old Timey Radio - 120
Sleeping Idol Sleeping Idol Triangle Idol Rotund Idol 122
Ice Planet Dry Ice Cubes Mini Pluto - 90
Heart and Soul Cold Metal Heart Transhumanist Action Figure - 125
Yellow Brick Road Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie Scarecrow Transhumanist Action Figure 190
Planes & Trains Unstable Ordinance Railroad Xing - 180
Robotic Future Clampy Bot Mom & Dad Bots - 155
Polar Bear Feelings Bear Plushie South Pole - 120
Cardboard Imitation Meatboy Cardboard Sword Decoy Lady Bug 155
Sausage Factory Sausage Links Clone Factory - 175
Book Club The Terrible Secret Book of Darkness Creation Science 463
Spam Cloud Email Internet Cloud - 275
Online Piracy Internet Cloud Toy Pirate - 230
It's a Sign! Railroad Xing This Way Down - 330
Sun Flower Miniature Sun Instant Seed Packet - 610
Mini Milkyway Mini Moon Mini Pluto Miniature Sun 740
Future's So Bright Fashionable Sunglasses Miniature Sun - 680