Every Rare is a Different is a 8th unknown catalog found,It can be unlocked using 475 Tomorrow Bucks after buying all items from Existence,Now.

Items *Page 1*


Box of Signs


Nuclear Warhead Carrier *This cleans every remain of an item.*

Space Station *This cannot hit ground,It can say "Destruction ignited,Flight 22 has detected" and "Were about to be burned by a giant kid holding a match." when burned.

Warhead Carrier (This is a reference to a room from a game.)

Warrior's Toy Greatsword (It can play a 20% volume 8-bit song of the winning theme from Mario RPG:Legend of the Seven Stars.)

Toy Dumpster Truck

Firetruck Recording Toy

Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace Photo (This is retrieved from Sugar Plumps after the burndown of someones house.)

Wooden Cup (Retrieved from Sugar Plumps after sending a Broken Thermometer to him)

Watermelon Slice (This is possibly a reference to people eating watermelon as it makes sound of someone eating a slice of watermelon and chewing.)

Easter Basket (Reference to a holiday by the name of Easter)

Saint Patrick's Day Leaf (Reference to a holiday by the name of Saint Patrick's Day.)

Sanic Toy (This is a reference to a meme by the same name,It can either say Come on,step it up!,Piece of Cake,Your too slow! and Too easy when burnt,These sounds can play one time.)

Toy Trampoline (The descripton says it does not work,so it cannot bounce anything.)

Excercise Bike (It says that it broke,so it cannot turn on by itself.)

Coca Cola Bottle (It is empty,so you cant drink it.)

Burger (Its a cheeseburger as it was supposed to be)

A Water Bottle (Its filled with 3.5% gallons of water in it,A teddy's ripped off head is seen closely inside.)

(If you click the button leading down on the catalog,it has more.)

Items *Page 2*


Toy Fox

Can of Jewels

Breaked-Down Button

Space Station Vol.2 (It says "Were about to fall","Were crash landing!" and "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" when burnt,The sounds are 2 N.A.S.A people talking during Flight 18 of the Apollo 5.)

Ripped Homework (Reference to people dont liking homework for.)

Cracked Double Doors

Destroyed Drunk-Gambling Princess Toy

Flappy Bird (Reference to a hard game that is cancelled and has the same name.)

Swing Copter (Reference to a hard game made by the creator who did Flappy Bird and the same name of the game by Swing Copter's maker)