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Existence, NOW is the seventh and last catalog available. It costs 425 Tomorrow Bucks and at least 45 combos, as well as have bought all items in Shop & Awe to purchase it. It features futuristic items.

List of ItemsEdit

Name Description Price Delivery Time Notes Image
Email Tomorrow's future of communication, today! 55 30s
Laser Pointer Always points towards destruction. 55 30s
Music Tones With enough of these you could write a symphony. 55 30s
Flaming Globe It's not really on fire, it's all in your head. 55 30s
Toy Rocketship Blast off to adventure! 55 30s
Fashionable Sunglassses For the fashionista on the prowl. 80 1m 0s
Computer Worm Evolved from a single line of computer code. 80 1m 0s
Old Timey Radio Plays the easy-listening music you crave. 80 1m 0s
Rotund Idol It's time to wake up. 80 1m 0s
Mini Pluto Buy now before it becomes a planet again! Cheap! 80 1m 0s
Transhumanist Action Figure After becoming more machine than man, he's finally ready to connect. 110 1m 40s
Railroad Xing Ding ding ding! Something is coming this way, but the line has been closed for years. 110 1m 40s
Mom & Dad Bots Contains one Mom Bot and one Dad Bot, just like nature intended! 110 1m 40s (2)
South Pole It was already there before it was cool. 110 1m 40s
Decoy Lady Bug She was always more of a social butterfly. 110 1m 40s
Clone Factory The secret is duplicating the human spirit, which is forcefully injected moments before shipping. 165 2m 30s
Creation Science Nonbelievers were pushed off the edge of the world. 165 2m 30s
Internet Cloud Repository of all human hope and knowledge, now almost entirely cat photos and loneliness. 220 3m 20s
This Way Down Don't rely on publicly available gravity. Now you can buy your own! 220 3m 20s
Miniature Sun Oooo, it's so bright, but is it rising or is it setting? 600 5m 0s