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Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish living is the fifth catalog available. It costs 250 Tomorrow Bucks and you need to have done at least 23 combos, as well as have bought all items in Snooty Foody to purchase it. It features home decorations and stylish things. 

List of ItemsEdit

Name Description Price Delivery Time Notes Image
Howling Coyote Ask not for whom the coyote howls, he howls for yoooouuuu. 23 25s
Old Lady Doll Perhaps she'll die. 23 25s
The Terrible Secret The smoldering first book of a terrible trilogy! 23 25s
Modern Lamp Minimalist desing meets minimal fire safety standards. 23 25s
Russian Nesting Doll Each equally as unique as the one before! 23 25s
Oil Painting More colorful and vibrant than the real person. 35 50s
Word Pack String a bunch of random words together to write poetry like the pros! 35 50s (6)
Balloons Lifting the spirits of children everywhere. 35 50s (3)
Triangle Idol Be careful not to wake it... 35 50s
Fire Extinguisher Extinguishes everything but a burning heart. 35 50s
Scarecrow Scares away everything but the crows. 45 1m 15s
Potpourri Useful in any olfactory emergency. 45 1m 15s
Powder Barrel A fanciful fiesta of explosive colors! 45 1m 15s
Cocoon She went in there to powder her nose and hasn't come back. 45 1m 15s
Dish Detergent Embrace your dishware with a warm, soapy hug. 45 1m 15s
Cello Thousands of hours to master, seconds to reduce it to a pile of ash. 70 2m 0s When burned, the instrument plays the first line of The Swan, by Saint-Saens
Snow Globe There's a whole frozen world in there. 70 2m 0s
Medicated Mommy Pills Mommy needs her breakfast. 110 2m 30s
Freezing Rain Cloud For that clammy, under the weather feeling. 110 2m 30s
Spontaneous Combustion Doll Never look directly into her eyes. 180 3m 45s