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Shop & Awe is the sixth catalog available. It costs 340 Tomorrow Bucks and you need to have executed at least 33 combos, as well as have bought all items in Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living to purchase it. It features MANLY things, or things a stereotypical man would want.

List of ItemsEdit

Name Description Price Delivery Time Notes Image
Mighty Mustache Ain't nothin' manlier than a fine lookin' 'stache. 35 30s
Old Bear Trap Looks great on the floor of your huntin' lodge. 35 30s
Dynamite Daisy Only the brave can tame this fiery beauty! 35 30s
Sporting Ball Head out back and toss around the 'ol pigskin athletic kick sack ball. 35 30s
Glass Cards You can shuffle them, but the deck cuts you. 35 30s (4)
Drill Chain Thrower For best results point away from face and tender areas. 50 1m 0s (3)
Manly Trophy If there's one thing men like, it's other men's muscles! 50 1m 0s
Lumberjack Hand Carved with the very axe that removed the real one! 50 1m 0s
Manly Odor Spray Harvested from the armpits of only the manliest firemen and lumberjacks. 50 1m 0s
Game Bush Out of your favorite video game and into your home! 50 1m 0s
Manly Razer Comes pre-loaded with thick, shiny hair already matted into its teeth. 70 1m 30s
Unstable Ordinance Still blinking after all these years. 70 1m 30s
Low Self-Esteem Action Doll Teetering in the corner of every bar and fraternity party. Heeeyy! 70 1m 30s
Puff Pack Founs in the golden age of cinema, and your local bus stop. 70 1m 30s
Legal Briefcase Great for making friends and influencing people. 70 1m 30s
Freeze Bomb Turn any summer into a white winter wonderland! 110 2m 0s
Protein Powder For best results consume with a dozen raw eggs and a pack of bacon. 110 2m 0s
Sonic Boombox Real men use only the subwoofer. 175 3m 0s
Mustache Rider Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!! 175 3m 0s
Book of Darkness Brought a plague upon all who've owned it. On sale today! 275 4m 0s