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Snooty Foody is the third catalog available. It costs 100 Tomorrow Bucks and you need to have done at least 8 combos, as well as have bought all items in Totally Recalled TOYS to purchase it. It features a variety of foodstuffs, as well as several kitchen appliances.

List of ItemsEdit

Name Description Price Delivery Time Notes Image
Wooden Spoon Now with more splinters for improved spanking. 10 15s
Marshmallows Made from Sweet Clouds, winner of the Kentucky Derby. 10 15s (3)
Dry Ice Cubes Great for practical jokes and cryogenics. 10 15s (2)
Sausage Links You can't have a sausage fest without the meat! 10 15s
Blowfish Can't think of one reason why you wouldn't want to put it in your mouth! 10 15s
Fragile China Adds dramatic flair to any dinner party or heated discussion. 15 30s (2)
Zesty Beetles They make the most beautiful colors when crushed into a fine powder. 15 30s (3)
Tooth 'n' Corn Breakfast Flakes Finally, the delicious flavors of corn and teeth meet in one amazing cereal. 15 30s
Discount Sushi Pairs well with a nice bag of wine. 15 30s
Future Fizz Feels great! As long as you keep drinking. 15 30s (3)
Toy Exterminator Protects your crops using all natural pesticides. Like napalm! 20 40s
Coffee It's coffee time! 20 40s
Midlife Crisis Mitigator Drink two glasses before bedtime, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 20 40s
Egg Pack Free-range genetically modified chickens provide the most colorful eggs! 20 40s (3)
Mystery Seasoning Season the hors d'oeuvres at your next masked ball. 20 40s
Locust Eggs For the daring gourmand. 30 1m 0s
Magic Mushrooms Sprout fun in dark, moist places! 30 1m 0s
Toaster The greatest invention since sliced bread. 50 1m 20s
Super Juicer 4000 Juice any household item for a healthy snack! 50 1m 20s (4)
Smoke Detector If it keeps going off, just take out the batteries. 80 2m 15s