Tomorrow Corporation, sometimes shortened to Tomorrow Corp., is an indie game developing team of three people.

Their motto is "Remember: The future is tomorrow!"

The current games Tomorrow Corporation have made are:

Information Edit

Tomorrow Corporation is a 3-man studio in which they created Little Inferno. The game development took 5-8 hours. The game was very successful after its release.

About Little Inferno Edit

Little Inferno is a game where after 3 years of snowing, a kid who had a neighbor, Sugar Plumps, burns items he bought from a catalog in order to stay warm.

The game starts off trying to burn a sign which shows how to make a fire in the game. After first starting up the game, it says "Warning: Do not play with fire" and shows a man on fire running near the screen.

Ideas/Unused Content and Requested Items Edit

While development was made, they had more ideas, though they were not used, possibly due to inexperience in coding, and the small amount of people working at the game.

  • More catalogs with more items, including a shuriken.

Combos and combinations of the items used in categories Edit

There are 7 categories.

Chimney Stuffer (Cover: A chimney top from the save screen.)

Totally Recalled Toys (Cover: A item used in the category named Eager Bunny Plushie.)

Snooty Foodie (Cover: An item that is used in the category feauturing a white bottle.)

First Person Shopper (Cover: The handheld fireplace item.)

Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living (Cover: A lamp that is used as a burnable item.)

Shop and Awe (Cover: A glass-man named Manly Trophy.)

Existence,Now (Cover: Trashumanist action figure.)