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TRT Cover

Totally Recalled TOYS Cover

Totally Recalled TOYS is the second catalog available. It costs 75 Tomorrow Bucks and you need to have done at least 3 combos, as well as have bought all items in Chimney Stuffer to purchase it. It features a variety of toys, as suggested by the name.

List of ItemsEdit

Name Description Price Delivery Time Notes Image
Raccoon Plushie So cuddly and adorable you can't not hug him! May contain rabies. 7 12s
Space Heater Now made with 30% dryer wood. 7 12s
Squirrel Whistle The gentle sounds of nature, only a firm squeeze away! 7 12s
Fragile Bulbs Causes more puncture wounds than the leading brand!  7 12s (3)
Eager Bunny Plushie Glimpse into the heart of darkness! 7 12s
Best Friend Supplement Pills Banned internationally, but totally safe* here! 10 20s
Feelings Bear Plushie Always ready for a hug. 10 20s
Oil Barge Studies show that oil spills help baby animals float. 10 20s
Building Blocks Great for the budding young architect! 10 20s (5)
Snake Surprise Your friends will never suspect it isn't filled with snakes. That's the surprise! 10 20s
Pyranosaurus Plushie Often feasted upon the delicious Steakosaurus, well done. 15 30s
Disgruntled Elf Plushie Bringing joy to every girl and boy! 15 30s
Wandering Eye Makes your crappy photos look like old timey crappy photos. 15 30s
Cold Metal Heart Best Suited for those who need to make shrewd business decisions. 15 30s
Valkyrie Doll Breaks hearts... and champagne glasses. 15 30s
Uncle Sam's Blam Blams Anyone who doesn't light up a box of these is probably a terrorist. 23 45s
Toy Leperchaun He's luckier than he looks. 23 45s
Mini Nuke Finally approved for home use. 35 1m 0s
Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie Fills your heart with love, and your home with fur. 35 1m 0s
Mini Moon Made from gen-u-ine space rocks! 60 1m 40s